Family Ministries

The families in our church and community are under attack. Children are being exposed to more dangers and adults are stretched to the maximum.

Our mission is to raise awareness of and appreciation for the sociological importance of the home.   It is our purpose to service those needs by redemption, training, and nurture in every aspect of family life.  We strive to promote programs that link family members first with God and then with one another.  The programs include family worship, Bible study, financial planning and Christian fellowship.  Special weekends and special days are sponsored that emphasize the importance of interpersonal communication and overall needs of the family structure.  The family groups included in this ministry are married couples, singles, divorced, single parents, and senior citizens.

No matter what you call family we want you to become an intimate part of our church family. If you are single or married, a grandparent or mother of two teenage children our church is the place for you.